Writing an accomplishment resume

The more senior the position you are seeking, the more critical accomplishments are! You need to provide evidence of results and how they were achieved.

Writing an accomplishment resume

Objectives Students will list a variety of types of skills as well as a variety of accomplishments. There are no limits to the types of skills or accomplishments listed.

writing an accomplishment resume

Procedure Begin by brainstorming with students on different types of skills. These can include people and communication skills, physical skills, and mental skills. After students have discussed skills as a group, have them list their own skills on the accompanying worksheet.

After 20 minutes or so, interrupt the class to again brainstorm on accomplishments. Accomplishments are those achievements that are measurable.

Have students discuss different types of accomplishments.

Purpose: Example CFO resume written for a senior executive seeking a position as CFO.

Following the discussion, ask students to list their own accomplishments on the worksheet provided. Students will likely experience more difficulty with this part of the exercise. Any accomplishment can and should be included on the list.

At the end of the exercises, have students circle those skills and accomplishments that are related to their job target. If they are unsure, have them circle it.

Students may work individually or in small groups. Assessment Assist students as needed. Encourage students to list all skills and accomplishments they can think of, even if students do not think they have anything to do with resume writing.

Remind students that there are no right or wrong answers.How to write job accomplishments 1. HOW TO WRITE JOB ACCOMPLISHMENTS "Yes Virginia, you do have accomplishments on your job"!In today's employment climate there can be as many as 50 to and more resumesfor one job position.

2. Reduced peak time customer wait by 60% resulting in significant increase in store revenue. Report output was reduced by 40%. More. Resume Writing Guide: Nursing What is the Purpose of a Resume?

Refer to pages for help writing Accomplishment Statements. •!Use Action Verbs: Begin each bullet point with a strong action verb.

Resume Sample for a CFO

Employers often scan the first few words of each bullet, so catch their attention with strong action verbs that reflect your relevant.

Example & Accomplishment Statements Here are some examples of how other students have demonstrated these skills through class projects, internships, volunteer work and. Another significant part of an accomplishment driven résumé is the format.

Do not clump your achievements and responsibilities together.

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You can write an overview of your responsibilities in a paragraph and then highlight your accomplishments with bullets. Follow these executive resume writing rules and you will see an improvement in the response rate to your resume. If you establish a clear focus, start with a powerful summary, express and quantify your accomplishments, provide context and design your resume well, your value will be clear to potential employers, who won’t have to ask: what’s.

Bookmark this article for when you’re updating your resume and need some good resume words. Copy the list into your resume-writing software such as Microsoft Word.

writing an accomplishment resume

Delete all the lines that don’t apply to your experience.

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