The plastic pink flamingo a natural

We are captivated by their beauty and intrigued by their strange traits and behaviors. How did the Pink Flamingo become such a popular iconic symbol of pop culture? How did they end up immortalized in plastic on our front lawns? Some Fun Flamingo Facts There are 6 species of flamingos that reside in different parts of the worlds.

The plastic pink flamingo a natural

By Jon Bishop Updated: Featherstone died Monday at an elder care facility in Fitchburg. The plastic pink flamingo a natural had the family over for dinner, and she'd hired a Santa Claus to come to the house. She left the front door open. And then Santa showed up, yelling, "Ho, ho, ho!

It looks like Santa Claus to me. Don Featherstone, creator of the pink flamingo lawn ornament, chats about his creation in his home in Fitchburg in October. What did you do? That's a lump of coal!

It was one she'd purchased for him - a 6-foot-tall bronze flamingo, with a bow around its neck. You see, the flamingo wasn't a random gift. Her husband, who died Monday at the age of 79, was the creator of the pink lawn flamingo.

And it was something for which he'd become famous throughout the world.

7 Reasons Why Pink Flamingos Are Fabulous

But it was never something he'd brag about or bring up on his own. Advertisement Nancy said she'd tell people - often in Don's presence - that her husband was the one who created the popular lawn ornament. And they'd say, "I never knew someone actually did that. Don Featherstone the creator of the pink flamingo lawn ornament chats about his creation in his home in Fitchburg on Tuesday afternoon.

He worked for Union Products for 43 years and made over items for them, she said. There, he did a lot of sculpting. Painting took a back seat. But when he retired, he got back into painting, sharing his work only with her. He did do a few public pieces, though.

One was a version of the painting called "The Bookworm," which he submitted to a contest at the Fitchburg Public Library.

The plastic pink flamingo a natural

He put a flamingo in it. It ended up on a gift card that is still sold today, she said. Don Featherstone at age Featherstone, played by Jim Cummings. A film distributed by Disney was perhaps the most appropriate, for his life was one of magic, right down to how he and Nancy met.

In Augustthey were both in Chicago for a trade show, and Don saw Nancy walking toward him, she said. Right then, he knew she was the one.

At the beginning of their first date in Januaryhe gave her an engagement ring. They were married in July. Next month - July 23 - would have been their 39th anniversary. Artist Don Featherstone, Ig Nobel Prize winner and creator of the plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament, poses with his wife, Nancy, while being honored as a past recipient during a performance at the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony at Harvard University, in Cambridge IN Pink and Proud," which was about Don, called him a "marvelous person.

He had brought a distinction to the Montachusett area because of his famous pink flamingo. Don Featherstone at the age of 16 in with his first car, a Rolls Royce Phantom 2.

But he fought it. He fought it to the best of his ability. He died with dignity. Just a super-nice man. Monday, surrounded by his family. He was at the Caldwell Home in Fitchburg. She said there will be a wake Friday - calling hours have not been set - at the Brandon Funeral Home, at Wanoosnoc Road, Fitchburg.

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The pink, orange, or red color of a flamingo's feathers is caused by carotenoid pigments in their food. A wild flamingo's diet includes shrimp, plankton, algae, .

Pink flamingoes in the front yard. By Maria Moncur Nature The Pink Flamingo: A Natural History, the second chapter in her popular book entitled Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America, at the O.C. Tanner Symposium. Price unfolded the mystery of the plastic pink flamingo, its origin, history, and birth in hopes of helping her.

The Flamingo: A Staple of American Culture In the essay “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History”, Jennifer Price examines the history of the Plastic Flamingo and the impact it .

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Purchase picks to catch everyone's eyes! . By , even Sears had stopped selling the pink flamingo, replacing the gaping hole in their garden department with natural-looking fountains and rocks, according to the historian Jennifer Price. Her book, Flight Maps (Basic Books, ), has a chapter on the plastic flamingo.

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