The life of a middle class african american family in lorraine hansberrys a raising in the sun

Or does it explode? People from all walks of life are flocking in that direction looking to claim their share of the expanding American economy. It is about a century since the gruesome days of the American Civil War and the consequent Proclamation of Emancipation s.

The life of a middle class african american family in lorraine hansberrys a raising in the sun

This money comes from the deceased Mr.

The life of a middle class african american family in lorraine hansberrys a raising in the sun

Each of the adult members of the family has an idea as to what he or she would like to do with this money. The matriarch of the family, Mama, wants to buy a house to fulfill a dream she shared with her husband.

She also wishes that her family members were not so interested in joining the white world.

Plot Overview

Beneatha instead tries to find her identity by looking back to the past and to Africa. As the play progresses, the Youngers clash over their competing dreams. Ruth discovers that she is pregnant but fears that if she has the child, she will put more financial pressure on her family members.

She believes that a bigger, brighter dwelling will help them all. This house is in Clybourne Park, an entirely white neighborhood. Lindner, from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association, to offer the Youngers money in return for staying away.

In the meantime, Beneatha rejects her suitor, George Murchison, whom she believes to be shallow and blind to the problems of race.

The life of a middle class african american family in lorraine hansberrys a raising in the sun

Subsequently, she receives a marriage proposal from her Nigerian boyfriend, Joseph Asagai, who wants Beneatha to get a medical degree and move to Africa with him Beneatha does not make her choice before the end of the play. Their future seems uncertain and slightly dangerous, but they are optimistic and determined to live a better life.

They believe that they can succeed if they stick together as a family and resolve to defer their dreams no longer.Playwright Lorraine Hansberry was the youngest child of a nationally prominent African-American family. Houseguests during her childhood included Paul Robeson and Duke Ellington.

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Hansberry became interested in theater while in high school, and in she went on to study drama and stage design at the University of Wisconsin. Lorraine Hansberry’s novel, A Raisin in the Sun, revolves around a middle-class African-American family, struggling during World War II.

The Youngers are a poor African-American family living on the South Side of Chicago. An opportunity to escape from poverty comes in the form of a $10, life insurance check that the matriarch of the family (Lena Younger or Mama) receives upon her husband's death. Hansberry, Raisin in the Sun, American Dream, home, discrimination, capitalism, black nationalism, Pan-Africanism, Christianity, pluralism, community Significantly, Hansberry, Bambara, and Beale invoke images of reproduction to discuss black women’s bound economic status, arguing that capitalism. "A Raisin in the Sun," by Lorraine Hansberry is the focal point for discussion of "The American Dream" as students explore how the social, educational, economical and political climate of the s affected African Americans' quest for the good life in the suburbs.

By reading about the Younger’s true to life experiences, one learns many important life lessons. The play, which debuted in , chronicles an African-American family living in a run-down home in the south side of Chicago that attempts to improve their lives after receiving a substantial life insurance payout after a relative's death.

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The Younger family is part of the black majority, and the concerns I once dismissed as ‘middle class’ are actually reflective of the essence of black people’s striving to defeat segregation, discrimination and national oppression. In May , a few weeks after her 7th birthday, Mamie – the youngest and only girl of three siblings in a middle-class African-American family from the South Side of Chicago – got her wish.

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