The idea of the christian college

Notes and Questions for Arthur F. July 26, These notes were developed as a faculty resource for use when reading and discussing the Holmes book. Why a Christian College Pages

The idea of the christian college

The Idea of a Christian College.

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Eerdmans Publishing Company, This revised edition comes more than ten years after the first edition was published in As Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Wheaton College, Holmes brings the perspective of an experienced educator to this work.

The burden of the book is to set forth a vision of what a liberal, Christian education is and how it should be realized in Christian institutions of higher learning. In Chapter 5, Holmes expounds how faith and learning should be integrated in the Christian liberal arts college In Chapter 7, Holmes asserts the fundamental importance of community in the experience of higher education In it he disabuses the reader of erroneously held assumptions about the purpose of Christian education This argument, which is made in various ways throughout the book, is the most valuable feature of this short work.

The idea of the christian college

Probably the most glaring weakness of the work is the numerous times in which Holmes makes significant assertions without providing biblical, philosophical, or theological warrant.

This problem emerges perhaps most clearly in Chapter 7 where Holmes asserts what the basis of community is. This series of assertions is certainly disputable, but the casual reader may not realize how debatable these statements are when he finds absolutely no biblical and theological support.

These lines are set forth as declarations, as if every Christian reader would certainly agree with the anthropological assumptions under girding the statements.

In Chapter 9 is another example of an unsubstantiated assertion. Although the author at times makes important theological assertions without adequate support, the bulk of the work is carefully argued. The central thesis concerning liberal, Christian education deserves the attention of anyone seeking to work in Christian education.The idea of a Christian college by Arthur Frank Holmes, , Eerdmans edition, in English - Rev.

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ed. Phil Christian Worldview Philosophy Department Dallas Baptist University Dr. Naugle Arthur Holmes, The Idea of a Christian College Chapter One: Why a Christian College 1.

Like the existentialists who lack an understanding of the meaning of life, so. His book The Idea of a Christian College () was standard reading on many campuses and helped introduce students, staff, and faculty to the conversation about faith and learning and the implications of that conversation for the Christian college.

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However, a lot has changed since Art wrote this book. These notes were developed as a faculty resource for use when reading and discussing the Holmes book. Chapter 1: Why a Christian College. Pages These are notes developed to accompany reading and discussio of The Idea of a Christian College by Arthur F.

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Holmes. Jan 01,  · If you are looking for a book that infuses the idea of what Christian thought/living and scholarship should look like, look no further. This defining piece of work will stretch, challenge, and change the way the Christian scholar had previously gone about their business/5.

Notes for The Idea of a Christian College