The four major types of firm in the u s

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The four major types of firm in the u s

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There are four main types of private companies: While private companies do have access to bank loans and certain types of equity funding, public companies can often sell shares or raise money through bond offerings with more ease. A sole proprietorship is not its own legal entity; its assets, liabilities and all financial obligations fall completely onto the individual owner.

This ownership structure merges some of the benefits of partnerships and corporations, including pass-through income taxation and limited liability without having to incorporate. S Corporations and C corporations are similar to public companies with shareholders.

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However, these types of companies can remain private and do not need to submit quarterly or annual financial reports. Public companies also require more disclosure and must publicly release financial statements and other filings on a regular schedule.

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These filings include annual reports Kquarterly reports Qmajor events 8-K and proxy statements. Another reason why companies stay private is to maintain family ownership. Many of the largest private companies today have been owned by the same families for multiple generations, such as the aforementioned Koch Industries, which has remained in the Koch family since its founding in Staying private means a company does not have to answer to its public shareholders or choose different members for the board of directors.

Some family-owned companies have gone public, and many maintain family ownership and control through a dual-class share structuremeaning family-owned shares can have more voting rights.

The four major types of firm in the u s

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The four major types of firm in the u s
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