Student activism social apathy

Student activism was once a force to be reckoned with. It changed the world, visibly and profoundly. It was the catalysts that lead to the end of the Vietnam War, it pressured governments to finally stop supporting apartheid and it forced the world to start addressing institutionalized racism. But today, in the face of genuine and widely felt grievances, students are impotent and apathetic.

Student activism social apathy

The conference engaged the Middlebury community in a wide-ranging discussion about the theory and practice of youth-led movements in the United States, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Bolivia, and other countries, with presentations led by Middlebury faculty and scholars from outside Vermont.

Wyatt considered the influences responsible for motivating individuals to join a movement, while Owens sought to define radicalism and how one becomes radicalized. Watch a video of the discussion.

Student activism social apathy

Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements. But the John M. It is going to come back [and] it would seem that perhaps a bit of fanaticism might one day push such a movement over the top. Owens, the sociologist, took a different tack. He asked the audience of about 60 students and other members of the Middlebury community to think about what is a radical identity, what is a radical strategy, and what are radical tactics?

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Once you take on this political identity, all of a sudden you are outraged by what your parents or roommates are doing, which yesterday you accepted.A structural functionalist would conclude that student activism is still a major component of the university, and that there are simply new ways in which students can demonstrate activism.

A critical theorist would disagree, not surprisingly, and conclude that social apathy is at an all time high. Student activism is work by students to cause political, environmental, economic, or social change.

Although often focused on schools, curriculum, and educational funding, student groups have influenced greater political events. MORE: lad student apathy students student lad culture political apathy protest activism socialism student life SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW STUDENTS Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day.

Student activism social apathy

The theme of this conference emphasized student involvement and participation in a pluralistic society, not only as a recipient but also as a contributor in the educational process. Teachers were urged to adopt the role of learner-teacher and to provide understanding and supportive instruction to benefit the student as well as the community.

To help overcome the student’s apathy I give students individualized instruction during class, more time to complete the assignment, and provide a morning tutorial.

Also promoting good will by letting students know when they have done well helps to motivate the apathetic student.

Mar 22,  · Activism on college campuses is, of course, nothing new. In the late s, post-World War II activism started as veterans began attending college on the GI Bill and students pushed for more.

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