Sap ecc to bi

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Sap ecc to bi

Later, Oracle event level 50 was effected in our BW system together with added database writer and our performance issue has been resolved ever after.

There is no change on the SMQS setting. And the same is true to BW system. To speed up the data sending, application supporter had to manually push those TRFC to BW side to mitigate the performance issue.

Why was a worry free interface giving us the problem then?

Sap ecc to bi

Please refer to Figure 1. SMQS can be used to monitor sending process as well. Please refer to Figure 2 to understand the performance trend. Average runtime of this FM has been more than doubled after week of May Following Figure 3 and Figure 4 are some of the raw data which Figure 2 is based on.

Sending a TRFC transaction would occupy a connection. This is just one thing about SMQS. Why was average execution time per RFC doubled?

I was told that there is no resource issue, no lock contention and no index issue etc. Please refer to Figure 5 and Figure 6 for Database performance trend. Figure 6 Database performance -Sequential read Figure 7 Database performance — Change Figure 5 and 6 show that database performance is deteriorating after week of May as well.

Figure 7 gives you a review on the raw data used for the above charts. Figure 8 BW database performance history 2.


Oracle workload report can tell you database performance statistics. Comparing the statistics data from same period between good and bad day can give you good indication on why database performance is slower.

Following Figure 8 shows that bad period 2nd snapshot set had occurred 9 times of buffer get operation. BW database performance issue was deteriorating after week of May In this case, an Oracle patch which is supposed to fix an Oracle compression bug was applied to our BW system right before the performance issue started.

Later, SAP suggested it was something related to Oracle compression. The Oracle database parameter event level 50 was put into place together with other proactive Oracle change like added database writer.

How to extract data using BI Content Datasource in SAP BW

BW-ECC interface performance is back to normal with those changes. Performance issue associated with Oracle compression normally has a symptom like DB CPU usage hike, database size increases and significant increase of logical read with top SQL operation like updating and inserting.

My post, how to run ST04 database monitortalks about Oracle workload report.ECC reports are real-time reports that are standard SAP or custom GFEBS reports. Most reports used in GFEBS are considered ECC reports. BI reports are reports used for data management and modeling. How do we connect ECC with BW/BI.

Raj December 15, 6. Spread the love. BI refers not only Data Warehouse, but also a complete set of products which are all provided by SAP to build the Business Intelligence system.

SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) is also a one of the data warehousing system which provide the kind . Technically it opens another database connection (default database connection is dedicated to SAP kernel which opens a connection to the database on which the SAP system is running) and by this connection data are coming from database to BI system.

Upgrade Seqeunce in BI from SAP NW to SAP NW - SAP Q&A

– Use Data Services to extract SAP ECC/CRM data ‘in meaningful context’ and load this to any platform (Oracle, DB2, Sybase IQ, or indeed SAP HANA, whatever a customer prefers). – Use the business content extractors to load into SAP HANA directly, creating the data again in a meaningful context.

Apr 23,  · Home › SAP › How to create source system for SAP in BI? How to create source system for SAP in BI? Posted on April 23, by Adil Siddiqui ‹ How to create RFC Connection in ECC 6 & BI. How to Create Company Code in ECC 6.

SAP R/3(OLTP) offers a collection of more than powerful and flexible business reports. These reports are spread across several applications. Navigating through several multilevel menus to fetch a particular set of reports is a time consuming process.

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