Reaction paper a doll house

This play truly is an interesting, play and it really connects with how things can be in real life which helps the readers truly connect with it! One of the main characters in the play, Nora, is making preparations for Christmas, for example getting the Christmas tree making sure she has presents all along while she is eating her favorite treat, macaroons. Torvald mainly focuses on his money and material things rather than on people.

Reaction paper a doll house

The Burnell family, with the exception of Kezia, consider themselves to be above others particularly when it comes to the Kelveys. It would appear that the Burnells define themselves by their social status or class and due to the fact that Mrs Kelvey is a working class woman and the possible fact that Mr Kelvey is in prison the Burnells consider themselves to be above the Kelveys.

It is also noticeable that the other children and the teacher in the school, like the Burnells, also consider themselves to be better than the Kelveys.

Reaction paper a doll house

Again this assumption appears to be based not only on the working class status of Mrs Kelvey but also by the fact that Mrs Kelvey is so poor that she needs to dress her daughters with cloth from items that her neighbours no longer need. If anything all the characters again with the exception of Kezia in the story judge the Kelveys based on, not only their perceived lower class status but also by their physical appearance.

Just as Lil and Else look different to those around them by the way they are dressed, the other children and the Burnells and the teacher view the Kelveys as being different.

Reaction paper a doll house

Each character in the story again with the exception of Kezia is prejudicial towards the Kelveys. The fact that neither Lil or Else speak throughout the story although Else does speak at the end may also be important as by not allowing or having either child speak Mansfield may be suggesting that in life, neither Lil or Else have a voice or remain unheard.

It is also noticeable that Kezia too, is limited in what she can say. In many ways by not allowing the Kelvey girls and Kezia to speak, Mansfield is connecting each of them to each other. She is allowing them to be the same or equal, removing any class distinction that may exist.

There is also some symbolism in the story which may be significant. Something that is a little clearer to the reader when Mansfield tells the reader that Mrs Burnell only sent her children to the local school, not because she felt it would be good for them but because there was no other school available.

The gate that Kezia is sitting on, and which she swings open may also be symbolic. It is possible that Mansfield is likening the gate at least symbolically to the social prejudice that Mrs Burnell and others have towards the Kelveys. By allowing Kezia to open the gate to Lil and Else, Mansfield may be suggesting that likewise, Kezia is removing any obstruction or social prejudice towards Lil and Else, so that both can be just like the other children in the story, to be their equal.

Of all the children only Kezia and Else seem to be impressed by the lamp. The ending of the story is also interesting. Despite the continued social prejudice of Aunt Beryl by telling Lil and Else to go home and not come back againElse appears to be unaffected.

Cite Post McManus, Dermot. The Sitting Bee, 30 Mar.At the beginning of the play, all seems hunky-dory. Nora and Torvald Helmer appear pretty happy together.

Torvald speaks to his wife in a pretty dang demeaning way, but she doesn't really seem to mind. A response paper can be written on a play, book, article, speech, or any literary work. This can also be a reaction paper because your write up is seen as your reaction to the reviewed work.

This is why a reaction paper is written in a fist person active voice. Captain Ash Gordon tried with all of his might to fight for his life, to little Jessica, this looked like her doll was most severely distressed, which made her little heart ache.

A Doll’s House was the second in a series of realist plays by Ibsen. The first, The Pillars of Society (), had caused a stir throughout Europe, quickly spreading to the avant garde theaters of the island and the continent.

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