Project report consumer behavior indian oil

What drives consumers to choose a particular product with respect to others is a question which is often analyzed and studied by marketers. Most of the selection process involved in purchasing is based on emotions and reasoning.

Project report consumer behavior indian oil

The rising number of consumers who prefer and are willing to buy eco-friendly products are creating opportunity for businesses that are using "eco-friendly" or "environmentally friendly" as a component of their value proposition.

The present research paper assesses Indian consumers' pro-environmental concerns, knowledge of environmental issues, awareness of eco-friendly products, effects of income level and educational levels and any potential effect that these factors may have on green buying behaviour.

Today, environmental or green marketing, a strategic marketing approach is a recent focus in business endeavours Ottman, The belief is that the consumer's pro-environmental concern is one of the determinants of their "green buying" behaviour i.

Environmental ecological or green marketing are similar terms used in literature, is a way to use the environmental benefits of a product or service to promote sales. Many consumers choose products that do not damage the environment over less environmentally friendly products, even if they cost more.

With green marketing, advertisers focus on environmental benefits to sell products such as biodegradable diapers, energy-efficient light bulbs, and environmentally safe detergents. Green marketing encourages consumers to use eco-friendly products and manufacturers to develop more environmentally beneficial products.

To identify if consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products. Consumers are not willing to buy eco-friendly products if they are priced at a premium to normal products. Education level of a consumer does not affect his buying of eco-friendly products.

Project report consumer behavior indian oil

This creates an opportunity for developing green market focusing on more educated consumers—the same proposition that has worked in the West. Also, consumers want eco-friendly products fi-or green finns or companies which project their image as being green.

The right mix of eco- friendly products and service, sales, marketing, PR and management expertise is needed to target and attract the consumers who may be willing to buy eco- friendly products.

Green marketers should identify such segment of consumers and accordingly design and market products at suitable price levels. Since eco-friendly attributes motivate consumers, hence companies should focus on advertising eco-friendly brand labels, in-store displays and pamphlets.

Advertisements campaigns may be used to further promote the use of eco-friendly products. Pro-environmental concerns can be raised by advertising that individual buying behaviour can make a difference and can have an impact on the welfare of the environment.

It is also important that companies aiming at developing new eco-friendly products should ensure that products perform competitively. Findings from this work also suggest that the segment of consumers willing to pay more for eco-friendly products in India may not be very large.

Even in an educated segment like the one chosen for this study, willing to pay premium receives an underwhelming response.5/2/Consumer Behavior Survey on Hair Oil Edit this form Consumer Behavior Survey on Hair Oil * Required Ag marketing.


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Following are the suggested themes on which the students may submit the project Report 1) Knowledge / Talent Management in Indian Organizations 2) Enterprise Resource Planning in Relation to HRIS. Project Report on CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR - Introduction The job of marketer is to meet and satisfy target customers needs and wants but “knowing customer" is not a simple task.

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Understanding the buying behavior of the target market for its company products is the . web content writer salary: · A project report on consumer buying behaviour with a focus on perception towards internet data card with special reference to vodafon.


Consumer behaviour can be explained as the research of an individuals, groups or institutions and these process they use to select, secure use and array of products, services, understandings or notions to fulfil the consumer needs in the public. Problems may arise if Indian students are taught only in non-Indian ways.

Their ability to follow the traditional behavior of remaining quiet and actively listening to others may be affected. This value may be at variance with teaching methods that emphasize speaking over listening and place importance on expressing one’s opinion.

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