Post graduate dissertations

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Post graduate dissertations

Post graduate dissertations interpretation follows the problematization of humanities and interdisciplinarity posed by Animal Studies. This interdisciplinarity combines ethics, literature, politics, and ethology. Also, this work is inspired by the Post graduate dissertations genre of bestiaries, in which both the notion of animal and the disciplinary division are blurred and shown as constructs.

The first specimen is the animal, which is defined in the Modern Period in opposition to the human. This definition operates negatively: This chapter criticizes the animal as an abstract and singular concept, in favor of a non-dichotomous definition of human and other life forms.

Analyzed is the human specimen from the humanist project and the humanities, on one hand, and from the Conquest of the Americas and the evangelization of the indigenous population, on the other.

Also analyzed is the canine. The focus is on its position of a threshold, in between human society and natural world.

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This chapter explores the implications of this intermediate position that has been interpreted as both the dangers of savage inhumanity and the liberation of social limitations.

The marrano is analyzed as a paradigmatic form of animalization. Conclusions can be summarized in the rejection of the modern concept of the animal, and in the transformation of humanities, considering animals and the contemporary post- humanist historical context.

The dissertation also concludes in favor of the inclusion of animals into the juridical system of guarantees in a non-anthropomorphizing form. Through the analysis of intermedia strategies adopted by a selected group of artists it is possible to understand the complex socio-cultural dynamic of contemporary Cuba, when many changes are taking place both inside and outside the Island.

This necessarily generates an impact on the way in which power perceives itself and how it is perceived by the rest of the world. Starting with a comparison of the different positions in this debate, the metaphor of light in her work is studied as a critique of the foundation of Western philosophy.

Likewise, the study of the critique of this metaphor in Zambrano contributes to think the metaphors in her work as new ways of approaching the problem of the absolute politicization of existence that infrapolitics calls into question.

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Secondly, the exile of the light refers to a retreat from this conception of light through another light, an assumption of the essential condition of exile as a conversion that recovers the same metaphor of light through poetic reason.

The authors that are part of this study are: The works analyzed share a historical-geographical framework, which creates links between them. They also share a discourse of violence that has been part of Latin America since the colony to the present day.

Post graduate dissertations

Tarahumara Transcripts Face to Face with Modernity: This study of Tarahumara texts will serve as a vehicle for understanding the perpetuation of group behavior and norms by analysis of the structural patterns, will reveal wish and wish fulfillment of the tribe, and will consequently stand as a reflector of sierra societal reality.

A Renewal of Poetic Discourse in Post-Millennium Authors provides a study of Latin American poetry with works from the second half of the 20th and first two decades of the 21st Centuries. On the lyrical and literary level, the investigation provides a briefing of sound, identity, and the anabatic or ascension theory in relationship with their works and post-contemporary sociocultural endeavors.

Additionally, it focusses on the new approaches and paths they take within their poetic styles and the new elements and components that characterize their works.

The research establishes a theoretical frame to study the themes and techniques. It also presents a descriptive approach along with a concise poetry analysis of several works by the above-mentioned authors and renders a view of their evolution and accessibility of their works.

Problemas de la Poetica del Ensayo. El Caso de Salvador Elizondo. The next pages will analyze a poetic problem on periodical essay focused on two main circumstances: The analysis will take place on the book Contextos, by Salvador Elizondo, first appeared on Excelsior, a newspaper from Mexico City, between and I will conduct a variorum study, and then, a phenomenological approach to this essay, to understand how those two circumstances work on the poetic construction of the periodical essay.

Policy for Deposit and Dissemination of Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

The Cross and the Sword: It also addresses the forms of negotiation used among the characters and the alternation in pronoun usage in the levels of intimacy, trust, and distance evidenced in both pronominal and nominal addresses. In addition, the Spanish variety used in the telenovela is compared to what is known as neutral Spanish, whose main characteristic is lacking any markers of regional or local accents.

This work provides an answer to the following research questions: The method of analysis follows an inductive approach. Judgement sampling was used to gather data.

Data was recorded, classified, and analyzed using Excel. Measures of central tendency were used to establish pronoun usage and preference. Variables were set based on the features of the corpus consisting of two different Spanish varieties, each of them divided in regional varieties, and two different domains: Findings reveal that ESDLC exhibits an address system based on vernacular pronoun usage stylized and stereotyped with the purpose of giving dramatic force to the dialogues.

Linguistic behavior is connected to regional variation to distinguish between Mexican and Colombian address systems.The Graduate School requires that all theses and dissertations be deposited electronically and made available through the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database, and through the University of Washington Libraries’ ResearchWorks repository service—which makes them available to other UW researchers and the general public.

1 1. Introduction The dissertation is the final stage of the Masters degree and provides you with the opportunity to show that you have gained the necessary skills and knowledge in . The aim of the study was bibliometric analysis of dissertations submitted by medical post-graduate (PGs) students.

Material and Methods: It was a cross-sectional record based study carried out at one of the medical colleges at Pune. Dissertations need to demonstrate knowledge and understanding beyond undergraduate level and should also reach a level of scope and depth beyond that taught in class.

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