Overview of computer security

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Overview of computer security

It consists entirely of informative overview material that describes the features available in EPUB 3. Another informative document, EPUB 3. The Package Document specifies all the resources required to render that representation of the content. The Package Document also defines a reading order for linear consumption, and associates metadata and navigation information for the Rendition.

The Package Document represents a significant improvement on a typical Web site. A Web site, for example, embeds references to its resources within its content, which, while a simple and flexible means of identifying resources, makes it difficult to enumerate all the resources required to render it.

In addition, there is no standard way for a Web site to define that a sequence of pages make up a larger publication, which is precisely what EPUB's spine element [ Packages 3. Finally, the Package Document defines a standard way to represent metadata globally applicable to a collection of pages.

The Package Document also includes a collection element [ Packages 3. This element exists to enable the development of specialized content identification, processing and rendering features, such as the ability to define embedded preview content, or assemble an index or dictionary from its constituent XHTML Content Documents.

The Package Document and other Rendition-specific constructs are specified in [ Packages 3. Many types of publication have an obvious reading order, or logical progression through their content.

A novel is an example of a highly sequential document — it typically has a beginning, middle and end — but not all publications are so ordered: All documents do, however, have at least one logical ordering of all their top-level content items, whether by date, topic, location or some other criteria e.

EPUB Publications make these data structures available in a machine-readable way external to the content, simplifying their discovery and use. EPUB Publications are not limited to the linear ordering of their contents, nor do they preclude linking in arbitrary ways — just like the Web, EPUB Publications are built on hypertext — but the basic consumption and navigation can be reliably accomplished in a way that is not true for a set of HTML pages.

The Navigation Document, while maintaining the baseline accessibility and navigation support and features of the NCX, introduces new functionality and rendering features to enhance navigation for all users. Prime among these are better support for internationalization as an XHTML document itself, the Navigation Document natively supports ruby annotations and support for embedded grammars MathML and SVG can be included within navigation links.

Each Rendition's Package Document includes a dedicated metadata section [ Packages 3. It also provides the means to attach complete bibliographic records using the link element [ Packages 3.

The required last-modified date in the Package metadata section can be joined with this identifier to define a Release Identifierwhich provides a means of distinguishing different versions of an EPUB Publication see Publication Identifiers [ Packages 3. Children's books, comics and manga, magazines and many other content forms require the ability to create page-precise layouts in order to be represented meaningfully.

This metadata enables the dimensions of the page [ Content Docs 3. The metadata does not just flag whether content is to be fixed or reflowed, but also allows Authors to specify the desired orientation of pages [ Packages 3.

HTML was originally designed to support dynamic rendering of structured content, but over time HTML as supported in Web browsers has become focused on the needs of Web applications, and most popular Web sites now have fixed-format layouts.

EPUB Publications, however, are designed to maximize accessibility for the visually impaired, and Reading Systems typically perform text line layout and pagination on the fly, adapting to the size of the display area, the user's preferred font size, and other environmental factors.

This behavior is not guaranteed in EPUB; images, vector graphics, video and other non-reflowable content might be included, and some Reading Systems might not paginate on the fly, or at all.

Nevertheless, supporting dynamic adaptive layout and accessibility has been a primary design consideration throughout the evolution of the EPUB standard.

Refer to [ Alt Style Tags ] for more information. For more information on audio and video formats, refer to [ Core Media Types ]. Another key multimedia feature in EPUB 3. Support for obfuscated font resources is required to accommodate font licensing restrictions for many commercially-available fonts.

It is important to note, however, that EPUB 3 does not require scripting support in Reading Systems, and scripting might be disabled for security reasons.

Authors need to be aware that scripting in an EPUB Publication can create security considerations that are different from scripting within a Web browser.

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For example, typical same-origin policies are not applicable to content that has been downloaded to a user's local system. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that scripting be limited to container constrained contexts, as further described in Scripted Content Documents — Content Conformance [ Content Docs 3.

Overview of computer security

In other words, consider limiting scripting to cases where it is essential to the user experience, since it greatly increases the likelihood that content will not be portable across all Reading Systems and creates barriers to accessibility and content reusability.

Refer to Pronunciation Lexicons [ Content Docs 3. This approach provides a clear contract between any creator of an EPUB Publication and any system which consumes such EPUB Publications, as well as a reliable representation that is independent of network transport or file system specifics. The page-progression-direction attribute also allows the content flow direction to be globally specified for all Content Documents to facilitate rendering see the page-progression-direction [ Packages 3.

SVG Content Documents support the rendering of bidirectional text, but do not include support for ruby.Security overview of Cisco WebEx solutions whitepaper 3 Introduction Enabling real-time collaboration to connect global employees and virtual teams is a growing trend among organizations seeking a .

Overview. Computer security incident management is an administrative function of managing and protecting computer assets, networks and information systems. For the purpose of this chapter, the focus is how information security management works within the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Topic Description; Overview of BitLocker Device Encryption in Windows This topic for the IT professional provides an overview of the ways that BitLocker Device Encryption can help protect data on devices running Windows Bachelor of Science in Computing & Security Technology.

The online Bachelor's in Computing and Security Technology program focuses on educating professionals in a variety of corporate, government and non-profit organizations for critical roles in computer system administration and cyber security. Social Security Handbook Overview of Social Security Programs [Social Security Administration] on r-bridal.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Social Security Handbook: Overview of Social Security Programs.

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