Our culture and the media

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Our culture and the media

Candida Saunders of the University of Nottingham and Prof. Helen Reece of the London School of Economics who tragically passed away from cancer at the age of 48 last October.

Our culture and the media

After the symposium, Dr. Saunders asked the participants to contribute to a book based on the symposium. Unfortunately, publication plans fell through.

Mass Media and its Influence on American Culture | makaylaheisler

This is written in an academic format, with end notes and no links embedded in the text. It is a society where violence is seen as sexy and sexuality as violent. In a rape culture, women perceive a continuum of threatened violence that ranges from sexual remarks to sexual touching to rape itself.

A rape culture condones physical and emotional terrorism against women as the norm. Can modern Western societies be said to support violence against women?

Men, Women and Rape portrayed rape as the ultimate act of male terror against women. In a society where men are taught to be sexually active and aggressive, while women are taught to be sexually passive, it comes as no surprise that rape is a problem.

Rape is almost the logical consequence of the extreme acting out of these split sexual roles. We need to learn and re-learn that rape is not primarily the act of an aberrant individual who is behaving in conflict with the predominant values of society.

Rape is a pervasive cultural problem, a social ideology regularly sustained and perpetuated by the TV-movie-radio-newspaper-popular culture network. We react with horror today to stories of young women in Third World countries being pressured or even forced to marry their rapists; but similar practices once existed across Europe, and survived into the s in Italy.

One reason evidentiary standards for rape were so high was that rape carried extremely harsh penalties for most of American history, it was a capital crime. As for 21st Century civilization, arguments intended to demonstrate a pervasive rape culture in modern Western societies typically rely on dubious assertions and badly distorted or out-of-context facts.

Few would argue that this means society condones torture and murder. Yet, aside from the fact that her summary is based on highly sensationalized and unreliable accounts, [22] there is nothing new about adolescents flaunting socially unacceptable behavior.

Thus, teenage girls have made videos beating up other girls to post them on the Internet. Half-awake, the young woman initially responded positively, mistaking the defendant for her boyfriend, then realized that it was another man and tried to resist.

Our culture and the media

Because of this, the California Supreme Court reversed the conviction; however, it sent the case back for a retrial, recommending that the defendant be charged with rape based on lack of consent due to unconsciousness.

The court also recommended that the statute be revised to include impersonation of a lover, not just a spouse. The defendant was eventually convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.

The Role and Influence of Mass Media

Even attorney Shauna Pruitt, an activist fighting for such legislation, has written that the problem is not a belief that rapists should have parental rights to children born from the rape, but lack of awareness that this is an issue.

Ironically, this is in part due to the assumption that rape victims who conceive will terminate the pregnancy. However, far more prominent recently has been the reverse tendency: Thus, in the fall ofactivists at the University of Ohio-Athens rallied in support of a female student who accused a male student of rape after the two were caught on camera engaged in a late-night drunken public sex act the man performed oral sex on the woman and penetrated her with his fingers while she sat on the ledge of a bank window.

She also walked away with the man, unassisted, after the act. In view of these facts, the grand jury brought no indictment. Rape culture is when we teach women how to not get raped, instead of teaching men not to rape.

This is a bizarre argument. We also encourage people to avoid pickpockets and to install burglar alarms instead of teaching thieves and burglars not to steal or break into homes. You were being such a tease. This is an egregious, and widespread, misrepresentation of a CNN segment on the sentencing of the Steubenville perpetrators in March The segment sparked a storm of social media outrage because correspondent Poppy Harlow, host Candy Crowley, and legal expert Paul Callan were seen as too sympathetic to the offenders in discussing their reaction to the sentence and the effects of the conviction on their lives.

Both found guilty of raping this year-old girl at a series of parties back in August, alcohol-fueled parties. She said it was up to her parents.

In her effort to prove that rape culture is real, Maxwell also invokes dire statistics: The issue of male victims highlights another problem with rape-culture theory.


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