No sew t shirt projects

And I found that these bags are perfect for the beach. Which I promise will be here soon enough! Here are the steps for transforming your cute T-shirt into a tote bag:

No sew t shirt projects

Scissors Stripping The rug was built with 1. I used a large straight rotary blade and a metal ruler to cut three navy shirts into the 1. This is a very forgiving fabric, so estimation is ok! Then I pulled it tightly and began to weave.

I connected a lot of strips to finish this rug using the method shown below. Cut a small slit in the ends of each strip.

How to Upcycle Your T-shirt to a Tote Bag

Take the other end of the new strip and feed it through the slit on the same strip. Pull on the new end to tighten the knot. Smooth or trim extra material if needed.

The video below shows how I knotted at the end of a strip. Starting at that first warp piece, I wove in and out of each loop to the end of the loom.

At the end I wrapped either over or under the last piece to start back down the loom. The second strand went over the strands that the first went under, and vice versa. From there it was basically rinse and repeat.


I wove back and forth, connecting strips and changing colors. When possible I fed the strip through the warp flat, then pulled it down with my fingers to bunch it up. The pattern and color combination were very important to me, and I got more and more excited as I worked on it.

When I put the final strip in, I tied it off using a normal knot on the last piece of navy. I pulled the first warp loop free and fed the second through it, then fed the third through that one, and so on down the line.

I cut the loop of the last piece, fed one strip through the second to last loop and tied it off. I did the same thing on the other end and suddenly had a rug in front of me.

No sew t shirt projects

After basking in the last moments of sunshine, I rolled up the rug and brought it inside. Where it was immediately claimed by another friend… Cooper. Next Time The next rug will be bigger. Once I took this one off the loom it shrunk down a bit, and I love it too much for it to be small.

Working flat gave me a back-ache.

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I will take it in little batches, weaving in front of the tv or in public. If I weave in public I will look very serious about turning scraps into a comfy rug. A sign of a successful project is the ability to look forward to the next one.

I built a much larger loom using scrap wood and screws, then followed the same process to build this monstrosity. It sits cozily by my work table now, warms my feet, and makes me happy.Hi Kenarry readers, it’s Lori back again from Greco Design Company and I’m here today to show you how to upcycle your favorite T-shirt into a fun tote bag that’s perfect for the beach – no sewing required!.

All you need for this project is a T-shirt, scissors and a ruler. Easy peasy! What I love too about this project is that you don’t need to buy anything. Just one more step!

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STEP 5 – Sew arm and side seams. • With right sides of the T-shirt together, fold the Front of the shirt over the Back of the shirt and pin down the sleeves and sides. Upcycle old t-shirts into a unique no-sew blanket! Uncomplicating life, one post at a time. A blog of simple things that make my life more enjoyable: delicious and good-for-you recipes, DIY projects that make new use of old things, and other tips for living life with less fuss.

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