Microsoft csr case

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Microsoft csr case

So… What is a case?

Generate a CSR with Microsoft IIS5 or IIS6

In the context of service management, a case is a record type representing a single incident of a service. Within Microsoft Dynamicsa customer can have as many cases as necessary affiliated with their record.

Resolving a case can be accomplished with many different approaches. Some cases may not require the use of any additional resources or research. If a CSR is unable to immediately resolve a case, the usual next step would be to perform some research on the subject to determine how other CSRs resolved similar cases.

The CSR would be able to attach the knowledge base article to the current case. Then, when a similar case comes up, a CSR can easily resolve the case by reviewing the knowledge base article.

In addition to knowledge base articles, CSRs can also attach subjects, products, entitlements, and activities to a case. A case cannot be resolved until all activities tied to the case are resolved. These activities can include telephone calls, letters, appointments, and addresses. A client may request a case be created, but later decide they no longer require any assistance.

This leaves us with two options for the case: When you cancel a case, the system will keep a record in the system that can later be reactivated if necessary.

This is the recommended course of action. Alternatively, you can delete a case. However, deleting a case permanently removes the record along with all activities, notes, and attachments associated with the case. This means you should only delete a case if you are absolutely certain you will no longer need the case or anything associated with it.

If deleting a case is a concern for your company, security roles can be configured to prevent users from deleting cases. As you might imagine, ownership of a record means the user is responsible for managing the case record.

Ownership of a case can easily be transferred from one person to another. To aid in service management situations such as managing incoming support requests, queues can be configured to accept incoming messages and convert queue items into cases automatically.

With case management operations in Microsoft Dynamicscustomer service providers can more easily resolve client issues.

Microsoft csr case

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Microsoft csr case

Create a case. Make sure that you have the Customer Service Manager or Customer Service Representative role, or equivalent permissions. In the Customer Service Hub sitemap, go to Service > Cases.. The My Active Cases view is displayed.

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Apr 25,  · The upcoming release of Dynamics CRM Online Update 1 introduces the first Microsoft-published version of portal capabilities for CRM (integrating the acquisition of Adxstudio Portals). The Portals are now in preview.

One of the Portals is the Community Portal. The Community portal enables peer-to-peer interactions between experts in the community, subject matter experts .

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