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They used the money for a trip to London and three trips to Australia, and Colleen Gray also used her school credit card to pay for meals at high-end Auckland restaurants, flowers, and valet parking at the airport. The court was told that during the time of the Grays' offending the school was strapped for cash and trying to save every dollar.

How to write a cover letter nz news

The problem is, they are her interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi only and overlooks many of the vital events in New Zealand between and The Declaration of Independence — A complete failure! British Resident, James Busby had tried to get the chiefs to claim sovereignty over New Zealand by the Declaration of Independence.

It stated the chiefs were to meet annually to form a united government to bring peace and trade between the tribes and settlers, but due to the ever-present intertribal fighting, it was abandoned 12 months later without one meeting taking place.

Treaty of Waitangi — Hardly a Founding Document. Hardly a Founding Document! The Treaty only cleared up the sovereignty Lord Normanby thought the tribes may have had over their everchanging territories that they had not already sold before the Treaty was signed. No more — No less! British Sovereignty over New Zealand was announced on the 2 October in the London Gazette and has never been challenged by any other country or Nation.

All claims by Maori should be heard in our Courts where the claimants can be cross-examined and not the apartheid Waitangi Tribunal where verbal evidence takes precedence over documented evidence.

They have a lot to answer for, but will they do it? For documented evidence of the above: No more — No less.

News: Theft As A Servant. As the following cases demonstrate, almost all employee fraud in New Zealand is committed by longer-serving personnel (because they . Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on News: Theft As A Servant. As the following cases demonstrate, almost all employee fraud in New Zealand is committed by longer-serving personnel (because they .

In New Zealand was made up of hundreds of small tribes constantly at war with each other. Ngapuhi were the first to obtain large quantities of muskets and had gone on the rampage south slaughtering thousands of the unarmed southern tribes.

Tangata Maori were not interested in claiming sovereignty over New Zealand.

how to write a cover letter nz news

British Resident, James Busby tried to get the tribes of New Zealand to unite in with the Declaration of Independence to claim sovereignty over New Zealand and to form a united government. This government was to meet annually to encourage peace and trade amongst the tribes and the new settlers, but tangata Maori were more interested fighting and the feasts that followed, and it was abandoned with only 35 signatures and not one meeting taking place.

Britain gained sovereignty over New Zealand by the Law of Nations seven days before the first marks appeared on the Treaty of Waitangi.

British sovereignty over New Zealand was ratified on the 30 January when Lt. This was recognised internationally when it was published in the London Gazette on the 2 October and has never been challenged by any other Nation.

Governor to New Zealand. Most of these sales were investigated by the government after with many being disallowed and returned to the chiefs that had sold the land without compensation to the buyers.

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Those allowed were reduced to acres. Drafting the Treaty of Waitangi Inthe Under Secretary for Colonies, James Stephens a strong supporter of the Clapham Sect, a group of prominent Englishmen that campaigned for the protection of people from colonial exploitation had written a draft document on how these people should be treated.

Lord Normanby, the Secretary of Colonies used this as a draft for a treaty with the tangata Maori, but as he was not quite sure whether tangata Maori had sovereignty over New Zealand or not, he made a couple of contradictory additions about sovereignty and gave it to Captain Hobson before he left England.

Williams had lived in New Zealand since and knew the people and their language well and made changes to the Treaty translation.Please see our Sample APA Paper resource to see an example of an APA paper. You may also visit our Additional Resources page for more examples of APA papers..

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Information about how to contact Inland Revenue through different channels. Latest breaking news articles, photos, video, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the World - NZ Herald. Continuing in our series of Migrant Tales – first hand immigrant stories about life in New Zealand, taken from locations around the net.

Today’s tale is taken from a pro-NZ, for profit, emigration forum, in it the Indian poster tells of the enormous difficulties he has had trying to find skilled employment in IT in New Zealand. Do you have my correct address?

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how to write a cover letter nz news

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