Essay about shopping experience

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Essay about shopping experience

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Get Access Shopping Experience Essay Sample Customers should always leave stores satisfied about the items they have Essay about shopping experience. Retailers should focus on customer service principles that is provided by the business. I strongly believe that employees should satisfy customers needs to be able to keep a happy customer.

There are things that I feel management should teach workers so that they are able to provide me with what I want for instance: A pleasant shopping experience that I experienced, employees were always very polite, hardworking and courteous.

Personally, a perfect shopping experience in which I encountered happened at a Lane Bryant store. The employees provided me with all the assistance that I needed. When entering Lane Bryant I was greeted politely and asked if I needed any help finding anything.

She asked me if there was a specific type of event that I was attending. She listened to my response being yes, I will be attend a wedding and a two day vacation in New Orleans. The retailer took my measurements and got me the outfits, under garments, jewelry and shoes that I needed so that I was comfortable and still felt beautiful.

I also appreciated how the staff worked as a team and focused on the customers they were helping.

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Sometimes in order to get things done efficiently and productively staff have to work as a unit but still independently. An unpleasant shopping experience which I encountered happened at a Forever 21 retail store. Therefore I proceeded to do my shopping.

Forever 21 is a big retail store things tend to be difficult to find. Much after not being able to find the items I was searching for I asked the employee closest to my location where to find items. Instead of her walking me to where the items would be she pointed me in the direction.

Essay about shopping experience

When going to another employee asking for the same items because I was still unable to find them she was very impatience and was rude. Personally I live by the motto to never allow my feelings or emotions interfere with my work ethic and how I treat customers. I just left the store because not getting the proper assistance that the employee signed up to do made me a bit aggravated.

In conclusion, to make this unpleasant shopping experience, a much better one the employees should have treated me with politeness and patience. I think that is a employee is having a bad day that he or she should ask the supervisor for a break to cool down.

They should never allow emotions come in the way of how they treat customers. Word of mouth spread really fast a bad review on a company can cause lost of customers. All employees should always live by the principles set when in their work place.

Retrieved January 30,from http: Retrieved January 31,from http:Online Shopping Essay; Online Shopping Essay. Market Research on Online Shopping in India. Words | 20 Pages. It also gives us a new experience for shopping something with the help of technology.

Consumers now can easily choose and buy something sitting at their home. There are many e-markets in the world. Building a Better Shopping Experience. It’s now time for retailers to bring the online and in-store shopping experiences together.

Nurun. Team. Share this article. In preparation for the half-marathon that she intends to run in Toronto next year, Kerry is looking for a new pair of running shoes for endurance training.

She researched various. Do you enjoy shopping? If yes, does it make you a shopaholic? These are the main questions of this sample paper, which is a perfect example of a narrative essay.

They can use online user experience research to reap the benefits of prototyping, testing, learning, and refining new shopping experiences.

The lessons learned from user experience research have been an essential ingredient in improving online shopping tactics. Free Essays on Shopping Experience.

Get help with your writing. 1 through Besides, shopping is a perfect way for me to avoid stress, as it distracts me and calms me down. All things considered, I cannot but wonder: Статья Narrative Essay on Whether You Enjoy Shopping была изменена: October 1st, автором admin.

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