Critical film review on blood diamond essay

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Critical film review on blood diamond essay

The Environment Diamonds are often purchased to represent being in love or wealthy, but what if the lustrous objects secretly represented gruesome acts of violence and innocent blood shed Volcanoes are the source of these desirable treasures.

It is ironic because just as volcanoes can bring death and go up in flames so can the diamonds. Discovering these blood diamonds has caused ruthless civil wars in African countries.

Ruthless warlords and armies are consumed with power. They exploit this power by burning down villages, severing limbs of the innocent, and enslaving children. They are financed by the blood diamonds. The film Blood Diamond characterizes a victim of the civil war in Sierra Leone. In the depths of the atrocities taking place the victim searches for his family.

The movie essentially provides the audience with an idea of the hardships the victims faced and human right violations committed. On the other hand, the movie underplays the important issues by focusing on Danny Archer Leonardo DiCaprio and his ulterior motive. The film is based in when a seemingly quiet African country becomes a war-zone.

In attempt to help his family escape from the Revolutionary United Front RUFhe is captured and used as a slave in the diamond mine.

Critical film review on blood diamond essay

Vandy soon discovers an enormous diamond. The overseer of the workforce Captain Poison David Harewood catches Vandy and before he can act the mine is attacked. Archer being a diamond smuggler, he is intrigued by Vandy. Archer gets Vandy out of prison and agrees to help him in the search for his family in return of the diamond.

Maddie Bowen Jennifer Colleny is soon brougEthical movie review Title: Blood Diamond Year: Studio: Virtual Studios Producer: Warner Bros. Director: Edward Zwick Country: United States of America Introduction The following essay will examine ethical issues addressed through the movie “Blood Diamond”.

The two main issues identified and discussed are; child soldiers and conflict . Read all the hottest movie and tv news.

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