A look at the use of corporal punishment in schools

My daughter Jennifer was in Seventh Grade wood shop class when one student's attention was drawn to a glass case on one side of the classroom.

A look at the use of corporal punishment in schools

Judicial corporal punishment Officially abolished in most Western countries, flogging or whipping, including foot whipping in some countries, is still a common punishment in some parts of the world, particularly in countries using Islamic law and in some territories formerly under British rule.

Medically supervised caning is routinely ordered by the courts as a penalty for some categories of crime in SingaporeBruneiMalaysiaIndonesia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

Flogging is a form of punishment used under Islamic Sharia law.

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Punishment is normally carried out in public. However, some scholars maintain that this goes against the teachings of Islam. They are not supposed to leave permanent scars, and when the number of lashes is high, are frequently done in batches to minimise risk of harm.

A ghost of a Grey lady is reported to Haunt the Grade 2 listed building in Besford. Nr Pershore. Besford is a village and civil parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire, England. CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IN SCHOOLS. spanking, paddling, caning and flogging. THE DREAM AND THE REALITY. compiled by Dee Finney. This is obviously not a new practice. Spanking Laws State by State — United States statutes as they pertaining to spanking and child abuse. As a parent I am shocked to hear that parents are going to jail for spanking their child.

Corporal punishment Judaism According to the Torah Deuteronomy However, in the absence of a Sanhedrincorporal punishment is not practiced in Jewish law. Halakha specifies the lashes must be given in sets of three, so the total number cannot exceed Also, the person whipped is first judged whether they can withstand the punishment, if not, the number of whips is decreased.

Jewish law limited flagellation to forty strokes, and in practice delivered thirty-nine, so as to avoid any possibility of breaking this law due to a miscount. This section needs additional citations for verification.

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December Learn how and when to remove this template message In Spartayoung men were flogged as a test of their masculinity. In the Roman Empireflagellation was often used as a prelude to crucifixionand in this context is sometimes referred to as scourging.

Whips with small pieces of metal or bone at the tips were commonly used.

A look at the use of corporal punishment in schools

Such a device could easily cause disfigurement and serious trauma, such as ripping pieces of flesh from the body or loss of an eye. In addition to causing severe pain, the victim would approach a state of hypovolemic shock due to loss of blood.

The Romans reserved this treatment for non-citizens, as stated in the lex Porcia and lex Sempronia, dating from and BC. The poet Horace refers to the horribile flagellum horrible whip in his Satires.

Typically, the one to be punished was stripped naked and bound to a low pillar so that he could bend over it, or chained to an upright pillar so as to be stretched out. Two lictors some reports indicate scourgings with four or six lictors alternated blows from the bare shoulders down the body to the soles of the feet.

There was no limit to the number of blows inflicted—this was left to the lictors to decide, though they were normally not supposed to kill the victim.Not only does she face the possibility of getting spanked at home, but there is a very good chance that each and every school that she attends prior to college will also utilize corporal punishment..

It is in these small towns, in which parents use corporal punishment so frequently that the schools get the full support of the community to use the paddle as they see fit. Physical or corporal punishment by a parent or other legal guardian is any act causing deliberate physical pain or discomfort to a minor child in response to some undesired behavior.

It typically takes the form of spanking or slapping the child with an open hand or striking with an implement such as a belt, slipper, cane, hairbrush or paddle, and can also include shaking, pinching, forced.


Six European countries have introduced legislation during the past 17 years to prohibit corporal punishment. A number of others are also moving in this direction, making Britain look laggardly. Similar Worlds - I Was Paddled In High School - NOW MY GIRLS KNOW!

A look at the use of corporal punishment in schools

All corporal punishment had be (59 replies). - Relate, Share and Bond with others who experience Similar Worlds to you. Bills, memorials and resolutions are measures enacted or under consideration by the Legislature.

Facts and reports on corporal punishment in schools, prisons, and institutions, and as a judicial penalty, past and present, in all countries of the world.

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